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19 April 2024

What is ESPI-2024?
RUDN university invites you to take part in an annual scientific conference, which will take place on 19 April, 2024 at the Institute of Environmental Engineering of the RUDN University (Russia, Moscow).
Scientists, specialists in the area of ecology, environmental management, engineering, safety and emerging situations, students, Ph.D. students and postdoc researchers.


For participation in the conference, it is necessary to register and forward your manuscript to the Organizing committee by e-mail:

All the participants of the conference will get the Certificates of participation.

  • 1
    Discussion Panel with SCO, BRICS, CIS
  • 2
    Population ecology and ecology of communities
    (structure and dynamics of population size; successional processes in ecosystems; key factors of the ecological niche of plant and animal species; behavioral ecology and biocommunication; influence of anthropogenic factors on the state of ecosystems; bioindication)
  • 3
    Soil aspects of sustainable land use
    (ecological functions and services of soils; the influence of anthropogenic factors on the condition of soils; soil degradation, soil pollution, monitoring and assessment of soil resources; sinks and pools of soil carbon, rational use of soil and land resources, legislative and regulatory problems of protection and use of soil resources)
  • 4
    Geoecology and sustainability of geoecosystems
    (geoecological aspects of environmental management; environmental geochemistry; monitoring the state of environmental components; modeling and information technologies in environmental management)
  • 5
    Technologies for environmental and resource safety
    (development and application of technologies for purification of discharges and emissions, remediation of contaminated areas; energy-efficient materials and saving technologies in economic activities; renewable carbon-free energy; identification and reduction of environmental risks)
  • 6
    Engineering ecology of cities and towns
    (rational planning and development of urban areas, green construction and architecture technologies, smart city technologies, eco-sustainable cities, comfortable and safe urban environment, artificial intelligence and green digital technologies in urban services, energy-efficient materials and saving technologies, information systems for supporting urban planning activities)
  • 7
    Food security
    (technical regulation and environmental safety of products; products with improved environmental characteristics; products of organic production; optimization of food production, including agricultural products, taking into account environmental safety requirements)
  • 8
    Human ecology
    (environmental factors and their influence on humans; problems of human adaptation to changed environmental conditions; management of the body’s adaptive abilities; environmentally caused pathologies)
  • 9
    Ecology, economics, law
    (economic and legal foundations of sustainable environmental management; circular economy; state environmental policy; environmental legislation; problems of implementing HSE management; management of socio-ecological-economic systems)
  • 10
    Ecology, philosophy, education
    (ecological philosophy; problems and methods of forming environmental consciousness; modern educational technologies in the field of environmental education; development of a system of continuous environmental education)
19 April 2024 / Venue:
Institute of Environmental Engineering,
RUDN University
Podolskoe Shosse, 8/5 Moscow, Russia
Telephone: +7 (495) 787-38-03 extension: 3432
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